Updated, August 17, 2023

This page shows the projects we are involved in by status.

In Progress 📈 / Submitted 🙏🏽 / Completed ✅ / 😔 Not funded

Please note that the projects with a # before the name are not under the CIDEFES leadership.

They are included here to inform you about which projects are the CIDEFES members involved in and potentially facilitate your decision to reach them for future collaboration.

CIDEFES acknowledges and is grateful for the leadership from other research centers.

In progress

📈 (Horizon Europe – MSCA) INDEEP
📈 (Horizon Europe) YoPAAPE
📈 (Horizon Europe) MOVE4FUN: Movement gamification for motivating physical activity and
📈 (FCT)
📈 (FCT) # MOVE24 – Divulgação, Monitorização e Vigilância das Orientações do Movimento Português de 24 Horas: fazer com que o dia inteiro seja important
📈(FCT) # REACT – De volta à ação depois da pandemia do covid-19: o que as famílias, os professores de educação física e as comunidades precisam de saber sobre o crescimento, desenvolvimento motor e comportamentos de saúde das crianças
📈 (Internal – seed funding Fazer+)
📈 (AML) Observatório do Desporto e da Actividade Física da Área Metropolitana de Lisboa
📈 (WADA) # Attitudes towards and susceptibility to doping-related to dietary supplements in Portuguese elite athletes
📈 (Fundação la Caixa) # RUSH – Return-to-school after covid-19: the key roles of family, school and communities on children growth and motor.
📈 (Governo Regional dos Açores) # DESpertarO triunfo pelo desporto, educação e saúde no combate à pandemia motora induzida pela COVID-19 em crianças e jovens açorianos
📈 (Internal – seed funding Fazer+) APTA – Avaliação, Prescrição, Tratamento e Acompanhamento dos níveis de aptidão física

In progress without funding

📈 (Internal – FEFD) Treatment and handling obesity-related comorbidities in adolescents through exercise (THOR)
📈 (Internal – FEFD) Rescue the Fatigue! An ecological study in the Portuguese Air Force operational

Submitted but not yet funded

🙏🏽 (IPDJ) KEY Training Programs


# ERASMUS + Family-based Open Science Schooling. Capacity and guidance building in secondary
✅ # ERASMUS + Digital Tool for Mentorship Against Dropout
✅ (COP) Projeto Piloto “O Ideal Olímpico dos Alunos da Licenciatura em Educação Física e Desporto”
# OCDE Fostering and assessing students’ creativity and critical thinking skills in higher education
✅ (Australia) # Moving the Next Generation: Testing a motor skill assessment sensor wear App with teachers in a real-word setting
✅ (CMO) Oeiras Activa
✅ (Internal – seed funding Fazer+) LUSÓ

Not funded

😔 (FCT) # HEALTHY WEIGHT MANAGEMENT in judo practitioners. HEalthy WEight MAnagement (HEWEMA)
😔 # The effects of high environmental temperature on physical, physiological, and anticipatory judgments of female soccer players during a prolonged intermittent exercise
😔 # Perceiving and acting in sports: how visual information constrains functional behaviors in team sports
😔 (FCT) # B-Precise
😔 (FCT) # LabMed II
😔 (FCT) # MAFLD – Effects of intermittent fasting on neuromuscular performance and biochemical and anthropometric parameters among patients with Metabolic-Associated Fatty Liver Disease
😔 (FCT) # IMPACT4HEALTH – IMproving Physical education Assessment and intervention: Coining a Theory of motor competence for HEALTH-related habits
😔 (FCT) # PLACESbyTEENS- Fostering knowledge on more responsive places by involving teenagers in the co-creation of urban spaces through capacity building
😔 (FCT) # 4Top Recovery – Eficácia de um suplemento multi-ingrediente para promover a recuperação de atletas de elite
😔 (FCT) WeCoRe
😔 (Horizon Europe) # PRUF – Prevention of obesity in rural and urban families
😔 (Horizon Europe) # INDEEP – INtervention on the DEterminants of, and Expertise in, Physical activity behaviours
😔 # verDesporto
🙏🏽 (FCT) # Registo Nacional de Controlo do Peso (RNCP)
🙏🏽 (LaCaixa) Qualidade da experiência subjetiva no exercício físico: A importância de fatores motivacionais e hedónicos na adesão continuada à prática
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