Visual Search Strategy of Elite Football Players: An Eye-Tracking Pilot Study

Principal Investigators

Filipe Casanova

Charles Ballet

Joana Barreto


Universidade Lusófona

University College of London


Over the last twenty years, perceptual-cognitive skills in football have been studied via investigating visual perception in laboratory settings with participants watching a football match on a screen. This gave a better understanding about expert’s gaze behaviour who tend to fixate at the ball less than the novice players. Nevertheless, those studies carried out in laboratory settings often failed to take into account the dynamic and representativeness of sports.

Some researchers recently carried out an on-field observational study investigating eye movements of midfield players during a match play. However, more work is needed, as other positions of play should also be investigated.

Aim of the Project

The main aim of this research is to analyse the visual search strategies implemented by football players according to their specific positions during a real game context.