CIDEFESCentro de Investigação em Desporto, Educação Física, Exercício e Saúde.

Updated 2023-01-12

Mission: Implement the scientific method as the common language for teaching, learning and practice, vis-à-vis the development of applied science in Sport, Physical Education, and Exercise and Health.

Vision: CIDEFES is the go-to research group in behavioral Sports, Physical Education, and Exercise and Health Sciences.

The CIDEFES is the research center of the Faculdade de Educação Física e Desporto, of the Lusophone University.

Over thirty researchers aim to develop interdisciplinary studies focusing on Sports, Physical Education, Exercise and Health behaviors.

Behavior is our common language; hence CIDEFES members contribute to studying behavior from different perspectives – Sports, Physical Education, or Exercise and Health – creating an innovative and integrative research effort.

The ebook about Myths vs Facts in Sports, Physical Education, and Exercise and Health is finalized.

Latest publications (Updated 2023-01-12, all pubs and more up-to-date information HERE)

Cerca, L., Teixeira, D., Carraça, E., Raposo, F., Silva, M., & Palmeira, A. (2022). Experiencia profesional y formación académica de profesionales del ejercicio: Relación entre presiones laborales y necesidades psicológicas básicas en el contexto laboral (Professional experience and academic training of exercise professionals: Relationship between job pressures and basic psychological needs in the work context). Retos, 47, 761–774. https://doi.org/10.47197/retos.v47.95899

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Martinho, D. V., Coelho-e-Silva, M. J., Gonçalves Santos, J., Oliveira, T. G., Minderico, C. S., Seabra, A., Valente-dos-Santos, J., Sherar, L. B., & Malina, R. M. (2021). Body Size, Fatness and Skeletal Age in Female Youth Soccer Players. International Journal of Sports Medicine, a-1686-4563. https://doi.org/10.1055/a-1686-4563

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Photo by Shane Rounce on Unsplash