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universidade lusófona
About Us

CIDEFES – Centro de Investigação em Desporto, Educação Física, Exercício e Saúde

The CIDEFES is the research center of the Faculdade de Educação Física e Desporto, of the Universidade Lusófona. Over thirty researchers aim to develop interdisciplinary studies focusing on Sports, Physical Education, Exercise and Health behaviors.

Behavior is our common language; CIDEFES members contribute to studying behavior from different perspectives – Sports, Physical Education, or Exercise and Health – creating an innovative and integrative research effort.


Implement the scientific method as the common language for teaching, learning and practice, vis-à-vis the development of applied science in Sport, Physical Education, and Exercise and Health.


CIDEFES is the go-to research group in behavioral Sports, Physical Education, and Exercise and Health Sciences.