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About Us

Strategic Plan 2020-2023

This strategic plan was designed for the 2020-2023 period.

We have designed the strategic plan by aligning its components. From the GUIDING PRINCIPLE, directing all that we do, to PILLARS – representing a catergorization the of things we do -, to what resources we are planning to use and develop to support these pillars.

In this systemic approach, PIPELINES come next, with goals representing the what we are aiming for. Goals are then operationalized via routinesprojects and actions. Finally, VAULTS are the human and material resources we plan to develop to support, register and disseminate what we do.

We will first list all the elements of the Pillars – Pipelines – Vaults. Secondly, we will present the dynamics involving these elements. Finally, we will present a timeline of of the implementation of this strategic plan.

Guiding principle

The scientific method as the common language of teaching / learning and societal extension responsibilities


Congregating and categorizing the things we do.

  • Networking
  • Publishing
  • Research Projects
  • Learning Science
  • Dissemination (to other researchers, to students and the community)
  • PhD, MSc and undergraduate studies


Value Goals

These are aspirational goals, not measurable.

  1. Create a research center with FCT’s evaluation of “Very good”, either as a standalone center or as a satellite center
  2. Be the GO TO research group in Behavior Change in Sport, PE and Exercise and Health
  3. Create a cohesive research group


Repetitive processes supporting the value goals

  • Writing grants
  • Writing manuscripts
  • Attending conferences
  • Meeting with the research group
  • Disseminating research
  • Building capacity


Blocks of actions, organized around a specific goal

  • LusófonATIVA
  • Observatório do Desporto e da Actividade Física da Área Metropolitana de Lisboa
  • Low-Hanging Fruit
  • PACWoman
  • ebook
  • Science day


Resources supporting the research center activities.

  • Members
  • Equipment
  • Budget
  • Joint knowledge vault

Photo byJukan Tateisi on Unsplash