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Observatório do Desporto e da Actividade Física da Área Metropolitana de Lisboa

Funding type

Área Metropolitana de Lisboa

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Observatório do Desporto e da Atividade Física



Principal Investigator

  • Mário Guimarães
  • Jorge Proença

Other Investigators

  • Ana Sousa
  • Sónia Vladimira Correia
  • Sofia Fonseca
  • António Palmeira
  • José manuel Pereira
  • Isabel Cruz
  • Manuel Dias


  • Área Metropolitana de Lisboa
  • Microsoft


The observatory, which “resulted from the indications and discussions held in previous meetings of the metropolitan sports working group, will therefore be the result of a collective and committed construction of all municipalities and other partners involved in the project,” said João Pedro Domingues, the metropolitan secretary who led the meeting. Its main objectives will be to develop an updated analysis of the reality of the sport existing in the metropolitan region and the construction of an instrument to support the decision and the definition of strategies for managing the territory, combining multiple dimensions of intervention with the different agents working on the ground. The three pillars of the study will be the analysis of the offer of sports infrastructures, the comparative analysis of participation in physical and sports activities, and the characterization and diagnosis of the offer of these activities. In the first phase, which will take place in the next three months, the current situation will be surveyed and the construction of the technological infrastructure of data support. In the four months of the next phase, the database and the development of the center portal will be developed. The third phase will coincide with the start of operation of the portal, with access to the public. The fourth, and last phase, will serve to present and disseminate the portal and for monitoring, adjustment, and updating work. The portal is expected to be presented to the public in the second quarter of 2021. The presentation of the team, project, methodology, study areas, and technological partners of the Metropolitan Observatory of Sport and Physical Activity was in charge of professors Jorge Proença (project director) and Mário Guimarães (coordinator).

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