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universidade lusófona

Projeto Piloto “O Ideal Olímpico dos Alunos da Licenciatura em Educação Física e Desporto”

Funding type

No funding



Principal Investigator

Sónia Vladimira Correia

Other Investigators

Francisco Carreiro da Costa Ana Sousa Ana Paulo Sara Pereira


After conducting this pilot study, the objective will be to develop a partnership with the Olympic Committee and the IPDJ


Sport as a social phenomenon with great political and economic impact does not live apart from the problems that affect and characterize today’s society. Thus, its excessive commercialization and politicization have accentuated the progressive degradation of the classic moral, ethical and educational values of sport. The national and international media, almost daily, report situations of violence, involving players, parents and supporters, and corruption affecting players, referees and sports officials, some with responsibilities at the highest level. On the other hand, the published literature on the behavior of children and young people in sports and the values assumed suggest that these practices and the climate that characterizes them are unfortunately promoting a socialization of a sign contrary to the discourse that praises the educational value of sport. The line of research in Sport Pedagogy on the processes of thought and action shows that educational agents structure their professional activity based on representations of the phenomena in which they are involved, the meanings they attribute to them and the values they share, and that Most of their decisions and behaviors reflect what they think about their role and the role they attribute to sport in the training of those who practice it. The aim of the study is to determine the knowledge and perception regarding Olympism and Olympic values in university students of Physical Education and Sport and other areas of knowledge, as well as in Teachers Physical Education, Coaches, Referees and Sports Directors, specifically on the following topics: the human values of Olympism; the social virtues of Olympism; the individual pursuit of excellence; and professionalism.