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universidade lusófona

SUNRISE-PORTUGAL: Estudo Português dos Comportamentos de Movimento – 24 horas na Primeira Infância

A. Project Name

SUNRISE-PORTUGAL: Estudo Português dos Comportamentos de Movimento – 24 horas na Primeira Infância

B. Submitted to the call/funding institution

FCT - Programa de Inovação e Transição Digital (COMPETE2030)

C. Principal Investigator

Clarice Martins (CIAFEL, FADEUP)

D. Timeline

19-03-2024 (submitted)

Data de início: 06-01-2025

Data de fim: 25-06-2027

E. Partners

Universidade de Coimbra

Universidade Lusófona

Universidade de Évora

Universidade do Algarve


Eduarda Sousa-Sá

G. Summary 

Objectives: What do you want to achieve by implementing the project?

To identify and compare the prevalence of children aged 3-4 years in urban and rural areas of the Portuguese macro-regions, that comply with the WHO recommendations for movement behaviors - 24 hours; and analyze the relationship of these behaviors with the physical, cognitive, and socio-emotional development of the children assessed.

Implementation: What activities are you going to implement?

Task 1.1: Ethics, Data Protection, and Equipment purchase

Task 1.2: Preparation of the Portuguese coordinating research centre

Task 1.3: Preschools´ screening and establishment of protocols

Task 1.4: Training of human resources

Task 2.1:  Data assessments

Task 2.2: Data processing 

Task 3.1: Data analysis and preparation of individual reports

Task 3.2: Dissemination-Reports and science outreach and translation

Task 3.3: Dissemination- Scientific outputs

Task 3.4: Final project´s report  

Results: What project results and other outcomes do you expect your project to have?

It is expected to directly respond to the urgency of national and international surveillance of young children's development and movement behaviors. The data collected will be essential in understanding the development of preschool children in the different Portuguese macro-regions. It will also support the comparison between the countries included in the Sunrise International Study, in relation to low, medium, and high income countries, leading to a better understanding of the universal and cultural aspects relating to the development and movement behavior of preschoolers worldwide.