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This project was awarded Horizon Europe funding in September 2022.


A Youth-centred Preventive Action Approach towards co-created implementation of
socially and Physically activating Environmental interventions




Participants' number and short name | Participants' institution and leader name | Type | Country

  1. VUmc Stichting VUmc Mai Chin A Paw (f) AC NL
  2. ALEX Stichting Alexander Ivet Pieper (f) NGO NL
  3. SDU University of Southern Denmark Jasper Schipperijn (m) AC DK
  4. AAK Aalborg Kommune Denise Bakholm (f) GOV DK
  5. WITS University of the Witwatersrand Catherine Draper (f) AC ZA
  6. WHC Wits Health Consortium Lisa Ware (f) AC ZA
  7. RUN Redeemer’s University Adewale Oyeyemi (m) AC NG
  8. VARCE Value Re-Orientation for Community Enhancement Ademola Adebisi (m) NGO NG
  9. ITM Instituut voor Tropische Geneeskunde Sara Van Belle (f) AC BE
  10. COFAC Cooperativa de Formacao e Animacao Cultural CRL António Palmeira (m) AC PT


60 months, 2023-2028



A vast majority of teenagers do not meet guidelines for healthy movement behaviours (i.e. physical activity, sedentary behaviour and sleep), posing major risks for developing multiple non-communicable diseases (NCDs). Sustainable implementation of lifestyle interventions focused on teenagers is a key challenge.


YoPAAPE aims to tailor, implement and evaluate social and physical environmental interventions for structural improvement in the lifestyle of teenagers (12-18 years) in vulnerable life situations to reduce their NCD risk.


YoPAAPE introduces teen-centred, evidence-informed co-creation to tackle the complex real-world challenge of unhealthy lifestyles and health inequalities. In urban environments in HICs (DK, NL) and LMICs (NG, ZA), we will engage teenagers and other key stakeholders in local co-creation communities. Together with academic researchers and local stakeholders, teenagers will be central in 1) mapping the local system, including needs and opportunities; 2) tailoring interventions to the local context; 3) implementing, and 4) evaluating interventions guided by our novel SUPER-AIM framework assessing local Systems, User perspective, Participatory co-creation process, Reach, Effects, Adoption, Implementation, and Maintenance of interventions in an integrated manner.


All results will be integrated in an open access YoPAAPE toolbox targeted at researchers, public health practitioners and authorities, policy makers, and citizens. YoPAAPE will establish an infrastructure for teen-centred co-creation including capacity building, mentoring, and participation of teenagers as leaders and co-researchers. This infrastructure will nurture sustainable implementation of teenager-responsive preventive interventions tailored to the local context, improving their agency, movement behaviours and wellbeing, ultimately halting the rise of NCDs and associated healthcare costs.